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Tips To Guarantee Safety As The Cheltenham Little League Fall Ba
With a new school year gearing up, many youth sports teams have started...
CLL Alum Returns for Give-Away
Brendan Cellucci, a Red Sox prospect, is a former Cheltenham Little...
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by posted 09/15/2020
Tips To Guarantee Safety As The Cheltenham Little League Fall Ba

With a new school year gearing up, many youth sports teams have started practices in preparation for the fall season, albeit slightly differently this year.  Even outside on large playing fields we must remember that COVID-19 still poses a risk. In order to keep these activities from closing down, we all need to act accordingly to decrease that risk as much as possible while still having fun and getting healthy physical exercise. 

Let’s review a few strategies to stay safe out on the fields and courts:

First, youth sports should only take place if the overall community rate of positive COVID infection is low. 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

· Reduce physical distance between players as well as total duration of time together. 

· Keep players in small groups that do not mix with any other groups, so the same people are always together. 

· High fives should be avoided entirely, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have good sportsmanship! Consider alternatives, such as giving a thumbs-up or applause. 

·  Avoid sharing equipment and frequently clean any equipment that must be shared. 

· Continue to practice social distancing in between active play. 

· When on the sidelines, consider a distance of 6 feet or more between each person or universal mask-wearing when a distance of 6 feet or more cannot be guaranteed. 

· Limit in-person audiences - Consider live-streaming or games to avoid gatherings of spectators 

· Stay local

· Even if your community has reduced spread of infection, it is safe to stay within your own region and avoid traveling to other communities. 

We all want our kids to be able to continue to play safely. By carefully considering the details of your child’s sports activity and helping to ensure that safety measures are followed closely, those practices and games can hopefully continue uninterrupted throughout the season. 

As a mom, pediatrician, and pediatric emergency physician, PM Pediatrics Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Christina Johns is your go-to for the latest on COVID-19, seasonal illnesses, common injuries and more. PM Pediatrics Urgent Care’s team of pediatric experts is specially trained in acute care medicine. With x-ray and lab on site, our pediatric experts can treat a variety of illnesses and injuries including fever, infections, fractures, wounds requiring stitches and more. COVID-19 testing is available at all locations for children and adults. With a safe and sanitized child-friendly environment, PM Pediatrics provides care your family can trust.

by posted 09/02/2020
CLL Alum Returns for Give-Away

Brendan Cellucci, a Red Sox prospect, is a former Cheltenham Little Leaguer. It is because of his connection to CLL that he chose us as the recipient of his #quickball challenge acceptance. Brendan donated 100 Quickball sets that were distributed to CLL families in drive-through fashion. Brendan was on-site to hand out the sets, answer questions, and pose for pictures. 

While on-site, Brendan shared many fond memories of his early years playing at CLL. Brendan was offered a full athletic scholarship from Tulane University. He has now been drafted by the Boston Red Sox for his prowess on the pitching mound! Let’s celebrate Brendan’s generosity and commitment to the place he began his career, CLL!


by posted 06/16/2020
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