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Harry Schmid Tournament Schedule
Harry Schmid Fathers's Day Baseball Classic  2021 Tournament...
Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon
CLL-Harry Schmid 10u & 12u Tournament
For decades, Dave Peterson and Bryner Chevrolet have supported Cheltenham...
Letter from CLL President, Art Gordon
CLL families and friends,                ...
Harry Schmid Tournament Schedule

Harry Schmid
Fathers's Day Baseball Classic 
2021 Tournament Schedule

Wednesday June 16th, 2021
Game-1: 6:00pm - Cheltenham 10s vs. Springfield - Steel 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-2: 6:00pm - Hatboro 12s vs. Springfield - Steel 10s - Field 2- Final Score:
Game-3: 8:15pm - Plymouth 10s vs. Fairmaiunt 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-4: 8:15pm - Cheltenham 12s vs. Upper Moreland 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:

Thursday June 17th, 2021
Game-5: 6:00pm - Wissahickon 10s vs. SpringField - Steel 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-6: 6:00pm - Devon-Strafford 12s vs. Springfield - Blue - Field 2 - Final Score:
Game-7: 8:15pm - Cheltenham 10s vs. Hatboro 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-8: 8:15pm - Springfield - Steel 12s vs. Devon-Stafford 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:

Friday June 18th, 2021
Game-9: 6:00pm - Brookline 10s vs. Plymouth 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-10: 6:00pm - Cheltenham 12s vs. Springfield - Steel 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:
Game-11: 8:15pm - Fairmount 10s vs. Springfield - Blue 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-12: 8:15pm - Hatboro 12s vs. Devon-Strafford 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:

Saturday June 19th, 2021
Game-13: 9:00am - Hatboro 10s vs. Springfield -Steel 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-14: 9:00am - Spingfield - Blue 12s vs. Upper Moreland 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:
Game-15: 11:30am - Cheltenham 10s vs. Wissahickon 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-16: 11:30am - Springfield -Steel 12s vs. Hatboro 12s - Field 2 - Final Score:
Game-17: 2:00pm - Springfield Blue 10s vs. Brookone 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-18: 2:00pm - Cheltenham 12s vs. Devon-Strafford 12s - Field 2- Final Score:
Game-19: 4:30pm - Wissahickon 10s vs. Hatboro 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-20: 4:30pm - Brookline 10s vs. Fairmount 10s - Filed 2 - Final Score:
Game-21: 7:00pm - Springfield - Blue 10s vs. Plymouth 10s - Field 3 - Final Score:

Playoffs: Sunday June 20th, 2021
Game-22: 9:00am - 10s Pool A - 1st vs. 10s Pool B - 2nd - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-23: 9:00am - 12s Pool A - 1st vs. 12s Pool B - 2nd - Field 2 - Final Score:
Game-24: 11:30am - 10s Pool B - 1st vs. 10s Pool A - 2nd - Field 3 - Final Score:
Game-25: 11:30am - 12s Pool B - 1st vs. 12s Pool A - 2nd - Field 2 - Final Score: 

Cheltenham Little League would like to thank all participants and Good Luck to all Players and Coaches.
For any questions regarding this tournament please email us at  .

by posted 06/14/2021
Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon

by posted 06/04/2021
CLL-Harry Schmid 10u & 12u Tournament

by posted 05/14/2021

For decades, Dave Peterson and Bryner Chevrolet have supported Cheltenham Little League, and this year was no exception.


"We're proud to support Cheltenham Little League with Chevy baseball equipment and a $500 donation," said Bryner Chevrolet President Peterson.


Bryner and Chevrolet have been a proponent supporter of CLL and the surrounding community for years and without their donations, as well as others in Cheltenham, the little league would not be able to exist.


In addition, Bryner has once again agreed to donate $100 back to the club for each car sold to a Cheltenham Little League family. So, stop by their showroom on The Fairway in Jenkintown.

"It's always a pleasure to visit with the team from Bryner each spring for their wonderful contribution to CLL," said longtime member Phil Sokol, pictured here Bryner President Peterson.


Games are now in full swing at our Woodland and Gimbel Campuses, so stop by and enjoy the action, whether it be practices or games, the fields are open Monday through Sunday. Come support our Challenger Program every Sunday at 1 PM on field 1 at 650 Woodland Avenue behind Presentation BVM Church

by posted 04/13/2021
Letter from CLL President, Art Gordon

CLL families and friends,

                Many of you know the leaders at CLL and we want to assure you that we are planning for a fun, safe, and full season this year. My name is Art Gordon, I am the newly elected President this year. The Board members and I are diligently working to prepare the fields, our coaches, and families for this season. We are thankful to the new faces that have joined us and are also grateful for the past service of our former President, Michael Cornelison.  

                We have learned and studied the CDC and county procedures for safe play in the green phase of the pandemic. We completed a delayed season last summer and then a full fall season with no COVID-19 outbreaks as a result of our activities. Some players and families did notify us of their own possible outside exposures, and procedures were followed with little to no interruption in play. We played hundreds of games over the summer/fall without incident. We anticipate that this Spring 2021 season will proceed in a similar fashion. We will ask our families to remain vigilant and follow proper procedures, as will our coaches.  This is our “new normal,” but we remain steadfast in our commitment to getting our athletes out on the field and doing it safely!

                Our plan will be posted shortly, but you should know that it has been approved by township staff and meets or exceeds CDC/PA guidelines. We will ask all parents to sign a COVID-19 waiver in addition to the regular injury waiver this year.

                We hope this information makes you feel more confident in our ability to provide a safe experience for your child/ren. Of course, I understand that this is a personal decision. It is one you must make for your family. We do feel that there are some significant benefits to getting the kids outside, exercising and playing with their peers.

                As we approach our deadline to order uniforms and plan our season, we need a final push for registration. Shortly, we will have to set our team limits and will not be able to add players after the teams are full. Most of our neighboring leagues have closed registration already. Please make your decision ASAP and register accordingly. You may be hearing from our coaches inquiring about your intentions. Please let them know honestly, as it helps us plan. CLL does not want to turn away players. 

                I also remind all our families that everyone is adjusting to this new normal. If someone is not taking the proper precautions (distancing, wearing a mask, etc), please respectfully ask them to adjust their behavior. Once reminded, PLEASE kindly accept the reminder in a good-natured manner. We are all just trying to remain safe.


Hopeful for April 10th! Play ball!


Art Gordon and CLL Board of Directors

by posted 03/04/2021
Sponsored By
Bryner Chevy-Proud Sponsor

Upcoming Games
Field Status
Glenside - Glenside OPEN (6/15) 
Glenside - Kenmore - Glenside OPEN (6/15) 
Glenside Kenmore B - Glenside OPEN (6/15) 
Glenside Weldon 4 - Glenside OPEN (6/15) 
Melrose Park - Cheltenham OPEN (6/15) 
Munro - Warminster OPEN (6/15) 
Springfield Little Leagu - Wyndmoor TBD (6/15) 
SPS - Glenside TBD (6/15) 
St Jospehs fields - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
St. Joseph's - Cheltenham OPEN (6/15) 
Woodland 1 - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland 2 - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland 3 - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland 4 - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland 5 - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland Cage A - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland Cage B - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland Cage C - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
Woodland Cage D - Cheltenham TBD (6/15) 
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