WE NEED YOU! Baseball and Softball Parents

What does it take to be a COACH?

  • To get started at our younger levels it really just takes dedication to be there for most of the team’s games and practices.
  • Yes, if you know a little bit about baseball or softball that is great and we’d love to have you. If not, we are here to help teach you. So, bring your commitment to learning the proper technigues and skills.
  • If you have more experience, we also need Coordinators and Team managers (lead coaches).



  • We require criminal background checks, as ALL organizations must, due to the state law recently passed. This is FREE. The only exception is an additional check for those who have not lived in PA for at least 10 years, which requires an FBI clearance.
  • We have Coaches meetings before the season where we go over policies such as PCA, safety, spring training, field use/maintenance and clean up.
  • There are evaluations, ONLY to try to make the teams as even as possible, and then a draft meeting to assign the players to your teams.
  • Next there comes equipment and uniform distribution, Spring Training, team practices, and then OPENING DAY!

In reality, the season runs from late March to the second week of June. There are usually two games a week and hopefully a practice mixed in. Most teams should have 3 adults assigned as coaches, which allows you to share the load for the occasional conflict. Please consider helping us give your children a great experience by volunteering as a coach or manager.

Kelly Durand - VP, Athletics