Welcome to Cheltenham Little League Baseball!

Cheltenham Little League baseball offers programs for players 5 to 16 years of age.  The primary mission of Cheltenham Little League Baseball program is to teach life lessons through the game of baseball.  Our programs emphasize sportsmanship, persistence, and team work.  All of our programs are instructional in nature, although we field travel program and summer all-star tournament play for more competitive opportunities as well.  Our coaches, umpires, and other volunteers encourage your participation in making Cheltenham Little League the best it can be.

Baseball Divisions of Play Overview - Spring Season‚Äč

















Tee Ball














Minors Divisions

A (Rookies)














Minors (AA)


























































X = greater percentage of players of this age

y = smaller percentage of players of this age

z = limited to players who have turned 4 by December 31 of the previous year


Spring, Summer, and Fall Programs

We play until dark! In addition to our traditional Spring Season, our program includes a Summer (tournament) season for select players, and a Fall (instructional) program that runs until Daylight Saving Time ends for players who can't get enough baseball.



Our Spring programs emphasize developing individual and team skills and having fun!

  • Our program begins with TBALL for players age 5-6 (some 4 year olds may be eligible to play - must be 4 by December 31 of the previous year - although the program believes that 5 years of age is the more appropriate starting point for baseball).
  • Our Minors division program is for players 7-11 and is played on the traditional little league 60' diamond
    • "A" ball (ages 7-8) features machine pitching to help players improve their batting skills; players begin to run the bases more purposefully, and the catcher position is introduced.
    • "AA" ball (ages 9-10) introduces player pitching.
    • "AAA" ball (ages 10-11) features more accurate pitching, and outfield skills become more important as batters begin to hit more consistently.
  • Our Intermediate program is for players 12-13 is played on a 70' diamond; the larger field allows for more reaction time on hard hit balls, reducing the risk of injury as players get bigger and stronger.  This division introduces more "real" baseball rules - leading off, pickoff moves, larger barrel bats, etc.
  • Our Juniors-Seniors program is for players 13-16 and is played on a 90' diamond; with rules that are most similar to Major League Baseball.  Many of our players in these programs also play for their middle- and high school teams, but the program is open to all


Spring Season in a Nutshell
* Registration begins in November.
* Tryouts/Evaluations occur late February – early March (see website for details)
* Rosters are finalized in March
* Games are scheduled early April – mid June (most teams play one weeknight (6pm) and one Saturday game each week)



Travel Teams

Our Travel programs emphasize higher-level play and more competitive opportunities for about individual and team skills and having fun!  Our teams participate in the Montco Youth Baseball League, which includes teams from Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties.  Winter workouts begin in January for most age groups.


Travel Season in a Nutshell
* Travel to other Montco Youth Baseball league facilities is 15-40 minutes.
* Tryouts take place in February.  Players (ages 14 and below) must participate in our Spring Season to be eligible for travel team play. 
* Rosters are announced in March.
* Divisions 12U and below play April - early June; Juniors and Seniors travel season begins in mid-May (after scholastic seasons have concluded).
* Teams play a 12-18 game schedule (depending on the division), with weeknight games (6pm) and weekend games (Saturday and/or Sunday) each week. 



Summer (Tournament) Teams

Under construction!

Tournament Season in a Nutshell
* Players must have played in 60% of Spring season games in order to be eligible (except for the Seniors division).
* Open workout sessions are used to determine team rosters, which are announced in June.
* Tournaments are played in June through mid/late July.
* Cheltenham Little League hosts a local tournament - the Harry Schmid Invitational - in June.


Fall League

Under construction! 

Fall Season in a Nutshell
* Registration begins in June.  Registration is first-come, first-served.
* There are no tryouts or evaluations for the fall program.  Players play in the age-division they will participate in the following Spring season.
* When multiple teams are fielded in a division, teams are formed in order to balance the teams in terms of player skill level.
* Games are scheduled from the weekend after Labor Day through the first weekend of November (most games take place on Sundays).