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by posted 07/06/2020
CLL Alum Returns for Give-Away

Brendan Cellucci, a Red Sox prospect, is a former Cheltenham Little Leaguer. It is because of his connection to CLL that he chose us as the recipient of his #quickball challenge acceptance. Brendan donated 100 Quickball sets that were distributed to CLL families in drive-through fashion. Brendan was on-site to hand out the sets, answer questions, and pose for pictures. 

While on-site, Brendan shared many fond memories of his early years playing at CLL. Brendan was offered a full athletic scholarship from Tulane University. He has now been drafted by the Boston Red Sox for his prowess on the pitching mound! Let’s celebrate Brendan’s generosity and commitment to the place he began his career, CLL!


by posted 06/16/2020
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